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Joel Slayton



Joel_slaytonJoel Slayton is an artist, writer and researcher. He is a full tenured professor at San Jose State University where he is Director of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media <http://cadre.sjsu.edu>, an interdisciplinary academic program in the School of Art and Design. CADRE is dedicated to development of experimental applications involving information technology and art established in 1984. Joel Slayton is the Executive Editor of SWITCH,<http://switch.sjsu.edu> CADRE’s on-line journal of new media discourse and practice.  Initiated in1995, SWITCH has presented 19 volumes that have addressed themes such as Network Culture, Artificial Life, Art and the Military, Sound Culture, Cyber-feminism, Art as Network, Art as Database, New Media Art Centers, Social/Networks Collaborative Models , and Social Computing. Joel Slayton serves on the Board of Directors of Leonardo/ISAST (International Society for Art, Science and Technology) and is Chair of the Leonardo-MIT Press Book Series <http://lbs.mit.edu>. Professor Slayton is Academic Chair for the ISEA 2006 Symposia/ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge <http://isea2006.sjsu.edu> Professor Slayton’s research explores social software, cooperation models and network ontology. Papers include Social Software; Entailment Mesh, The Re=Purpose of Information, and The Ontology of Organization as System. 
Joel Slayton is President and founder of C5 Corporation <http://www.c5corp.com>. C5 is a hybrid form of authorship intersecting research, corporate culture and artistic enterprise.

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