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Richard Barbrook (Video)

<45 minute long presentation as part of Share, Share Widely>

Need for critical theory, isolation of the university, class issues in education, education as slavery, closed access scholarly publications, open access movements, tenure, factory vs. campus, independent thinking vs. 19th century pedagogy, liberalism vs. socialism, commodity vs. gift, techno-optimism vs. techno-pessimists

Richard Barbrook is one of the most radical critics of the neo-liberal cyber-elite. In contrast, Barbrook thinks that the importance of the latest wave of technological innovation lies precisely in its ability to challenge the ideologies of the self-proclaimed opinion leaders. The Net allows for the emergence of spontaneous and flexible virtual communities, defining themselves less by market exchange than by social convention.

Richard Barbrook was educated at Cambridge, Essex and Kent universities. During the early-1980s, he was involved in pirate and community radio broadcasting. In the late-1980s and early-1990s, Richard worked for a research institute at the University of Westminster on media regulation within the EU. For the last few years, Richard has been coordinator of the Hypermedia Research Centre at the University of Westminster and was the first course leader of its MA in Hypermedia Studies. At present, Richard is preparing 'Imaginary Futures' for publication as a book. Richard is currently researcher in residence at The Institute for Distributed Creativity.


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