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A conference on curating digital media

A conference on curating digital media


Tate Modern, London
4 June 2005, 10.00 ­ 18.30

If the assumption is made that traditional curating follows a centralised network model, then what is the position of the curator within a distributed network model? This conference investigates this question in relation to recent ideas around the Œimmateriality¹ of cultural production and dynamic systems leading to contradictory tensions between increased collectivity and curatorial control. It asks how curators respond to new forms of self-organising and self-replicating systems, databases, programming, net art, software art and generative media within the wider system of (im)material culture? What new models of curatorial practice are needed to take into account the transformative nature of objects, and production processes that are collaborative, shared and distributed?

The conference also introduces 'KURATOR' - a free software application designed as a curating tool for source code that can be further modified by users.

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