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William Griswold/Adriene Jenik

Explorations in community-oriented ubiquitous computing ActiveCampus, a case study

* Introduction

The ActiveCampus project aims to provide location-based services for educational networks and understand how such systems are used. ActiveClass enables collaboration between students and professors by serving as a visual moderator for classroom interaction. ActiveCampus Explorer uses a person's context, like location, to help engage them in campus life.

* About Adriene Jenik:

Adriene Jenik is a telecommunications media artist who has been working for over 15 years as an artist, educator, curator, administrator, and engineer. Her works, including EL NAFTAZTECA (w/Guillermo Gomez-Pena), MAUVE DESERT: A CD-ROM Translation and DESKTOP THEATER (w/Lisa Brenneis and the DT troupe), use the collision of "high" technology and human desire to propose new forms of literature, cinema, and performance. Jenik is currently serving as Associate Professor of Computer & Media Arts in the Visual Arts Department at University of California, San Diego. Her recent works (the ActiveCampus Explorientation and SPEC-FLIC) instigate large-scale public art events over community-wide wireless networks.

* About William Grishold:

William Griswold is Director of the ActiveCampus project and a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington in 1991, and his BA in Mathematics from the University of Arizona in 1985. His research interests include ubiquitous computing, educational technology, software evolution and design, software tools and visualization, and program analysis. He is Program Co-Chair for the 2005 International Conference on Software Engineering. He is a principal of the UCSD division of Cal-(IT)2, the UCSD/UCI California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology.

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