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03.09 Lily Diaz

Doctorate Programs in New Media, Helsinki- a Case Study

  • Introduction:

The Doctor of Arts degree (in Art and Design) offers the prospective student an opportunity to engage and complete advanced research in a multidisciplinary environment, from the point of view of art and design. The degree, which focuses on the creation of a research-based dissertation, should not be confused with the teaching-oriented Doctor of Arts awarded in the United States or with other practice-based studio arts degrees.

The Media Lab is the school of Digital Design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The lab provides education and research frameworks for studying digital media contents and technologies, their design, development and the effect they have on society. Our work is characterized by the collaboration of people from a wide variety of disciplines and cultures.

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  • About Lily Diaz-Kommonen:

Lily Díaz-Kommonen holds degrees in the arts (MFA in computer art, School of Visual Arts; Doctor of Art, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Media Lab) and in the humanities (BA in cultural anthropology, Brandeis University). Her research interests include digital design and its implementation in the cultural heritage sector; visualization and knowledge production; and Cultural Historical Activity Theory as a theoretical framework for art and design practices.

Prior to engaging in an academic career, she was a successful designer and consultant in New York City working in the financial services sector. Currently she is Acting Professor in Systems of Representation & Digital Cultural Heritage at the Media Lab of the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland.

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