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04.27 Anna Munster, Molly Krause

Web Designer or Web Author?

  • Introduction:

When new media arts and design departments in art schools began teaching students how to make websites a few years ago, the terms and practices of design theory and culture were implemented as the unquestioned pedagogical platform. Now we have moved into a phase of direct-to-web publishing, should we be questioning the usefulness of this platform?  Are issues concerning information literacy, the ability to be an information researcher, content management, intellectual property, copyright and copyleft becoming more important for students working in and with the web?  What does it mean to be a web author rather than a web designer? Can we teach critical web design and  informed web authoring? What might sites look like if we were able to combine both of these?

  • About Anna Munster:

Anna Munster is a writer, artist and educator. She teaches at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. She is a facilitator of the online project 'fibreculture' (www.fibreculture.org). Currently she is completing a book for the University of New England Press on new media aesthetics and bodies - Materializing New Media - due for publication later this year.

Case Study: H20 Project

  • Introduction:

H2O is an innovative open-source platform for education that freely provides syllabi and other scholarly content to teachers and students across the globe, while also linking them in networks, communities and valuable discussions around common or associated resources and academic goals. Although networks and digital technologies can now be found in schoolsand universities around the world, their potential to transform education has not yet been achieved. Current tools -- email, websearches, digital syllabi and message boards -- are useful, but they merely project the stand alone classroom model online. Using H2O, the best of what is in each classroom can be brought to every other: one teacher’s good idea for how to teach a topic can be shared with and built upon by another; a curious searcher can be matched with others exploring the same idea; an interesting discussion among classmates can become a powerful discussion among and across entire classrooms, each approaching the subject from a distinct social perspective. H2O is determined to transform education by developing tools that enable true interaction across classrooms and by providing an online home for their use that connects educators and learners together.

We look forward to soliciting feedback on both our technical changes and organizational plans from participants and leaders of this WebCamTalk 1.0 Series.

H2O Presenter
Molly serves as project coordinator for the Berkman Center’s H2O Project. Her duties include leading the platform’s non-technical uses and applications, fundraising, marketing and resource management. She also participates in high-level technical design and evaluation and researches the evolving relationship of technology and education. Prior to the Berkman Center, Molly worked for IBM in its Strategic Consulting Services division, where she worked with its large corporate clients to build information technology environments that would achieve their business needs and goals. Molly received her B.A. from Harvard University in Engineering Sciences (within the electrical engineering & computer science tract).

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