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Ricardo Miranda Zuniga (Moderator)

The break out session will revolve around issues in teaching programming within the visual arts context.  The break out session will draw directly from Tiffany Holmes presentation on a recent class she taught "Programming for Automatic Drawing Systems" at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  In this class she uses commercial software - Macromedia Director and open source software Processing to have students learn the fundamentals of object oriented programming while realizing artistic projects that explore methods of data visualization.  Amongst the questions that will be addressed in the breakout session are:

1. how to embed critical thinking into courses that are heavily technical.
2. how to make clear to the students that the teacher is not the guru of all technical information.
3. how to bridge the notion of programmer and artist
4. how to seduce visually oriented students into dealing with programming and difficult computational technical questions.
5. when to tell the student - perhaps you would be happier painting or drawing or not sitting in front of a computer.
6. how to test a student's skills/ie did they do their homework by copying code from a web site somewhere or did they really practice writing their own recursive function?
7. How to encourage "appropriate appropriation" of another person's code/how to discuss "ethics" of programming
8. how to encourage students to do collaborative programming projects
9. how to teach visually oriented art students how to "visualize" what code does....related to #4
10. how to teach students how to use discussion boards and manuals

The principle behind Ricardo Miranda Zuniga's work is communication as a creative process by whatever media necessary.  This is a creative practice that investigates the divisive nature of capitalism and the social tools used to establish hegemony. My work seeks to invert common tools of social control in order to establish dialogue and exchange critical perspectives.

Ricardo is based in Brooklyn, NY and his online portfolio is available at: http://www.ambriente.com/

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