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Stephanie Rothenberg

Creation of meaningful connections between art, theory, technology, and history

As a way to introduce and discuss concepts concerning temporality, technology, communication and art to a group of college freshman, 80 freshman students at the University at Buffalo were asked to create a semester long blog about a specific socio-political issue. The class is called "Time-based Strategies" and provides freshman with an overview of the fundamental tools and theory of new media art and design. The course is part of a new foundation program at SUNY Buffalo that uses a theme-based approach to learning as a way to encourage interdisciplinary practice and collaboration. For the conference Rothenberg will discuss what constitutes blog success or failure with regards to subject matter,  user investment and exchange,  ethics, trends and temporality from a freshman college student's perspective.

Stephanie Rothenberg uses performance, installation and digital media to create solicitous interactions that question the boundaries and social constructs of manufactured desires. Referencing corporate strategy, these situations merge popular forms of advertising and market research with participatory experiences involving role-playing and fantasy. Cultural conventions of time and efficiency, spirituality and tradition are fore-grounded through their juxtaposition with prescribed, streamlined systems. The convergence lends itself to a recoding of current perceptions of commodity culture, infusing the public-ness of both objects and sites with the      unpredictable and the idiosyncratic.

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