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Schedule Fall 2005

Meeting #1
Wednesday September 21: *4-6pm* Presentation
on Paolo Virno: "A Grammar of the Multitude"

  • Chris Barr

Meet: Rm 247

Meeting #2
Wednesday September 28: *1-3pm* Meeting/Discussion with Axel Bruns
The topics are very close to our concerns for the reading group

  • Dr Axel Bruns

Meet: Rm 247

Meeting #3
Wednesday October 5: *4-6pm* Presentation
on "What We Want Is Free"

  • Loren Sonnenberg

Meet: Rm 247

Meeting #4
Wednesday October 26: *4-6pm* Presentation
on "The Open Work" by Umberto Eco

  • Al Larsen

Meet: Rm 247

Meeting #5
Wednesday, November 9: Chris Barr
"Code. Collaborative Authorship and the Digital Economy"

Meeting #6
Wednesday November 16: Al Larsen/Chris Barr
"Technologies of Cooperation" by Howard Rheingold

Meeting #7
Wednesday, December 7:
"Theory of Prose" Loren Sonnenberg


Here are 2 examples for the format of such presentations of readings.



References/ Recommended Reading

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