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Schedule Spring 2006

Open Wednesday, 01/25 12-2pm

  • Presenter/Discussion Facilitator:  Chris (Barr)

Fuller. M. (2005) Media Ecologies. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Wednesday, 02/08 12-2pm

  • Presenter/Discussion Facilitator:  Loren

Florida, R. (2002) The Rise of the Creative Class. New York: Basic

Wednesday, 02/15 12-2pm

  • Presenter/Discussion Facilitator: Chris (Ernst)

Coyne, R. (2005) Cornucopia Limited. Design and Dissent on the Internet.
Cambridge: MIT Press.

Wednesday, 03/08 12-2pm

  • Presenter/Discussion Facilitator: Al

Kester. G. (2004) Conversation Pieces. Community + Communication in
Modern Art. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Wednesday, 03/22 12-2pm

  • Presenter/Discussion Facilitator: Stefani

Mattelart, A. (1996) The Invention of Communication. Minneapolis:
University of Minnesota Press.

Wednesday, 04/05 12-2pm

  • Presenter/Discussion Facilitator: Sarah

Mitchell, J., Inouye, A, Blumenthal, M. (2001) Beyond Productivity.
Information Technology, Innovation, and Creativity. Washington, DC: The
National Academies Press.

Wednesday, 04/19 12-2pm

  • Presenter/Discussion Facilitator: Diedie

Kyong Chun, W., Keenan, T. (2005) New Media. Old Media. London:

References/ Recommended Reading

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